tag check a cheeky little utility by jay pinho

URL HTTP code HTTP status Redirect Search term exists?



Choose a CSV file -- it must be in CSV format only -- and upload it here. The file must have NO header row and only one column: a list of URLs including the leading "http://" or "https://" portions.

Once you've hit the "Process URLs" button, do NOT press the button again. Just wait until the app has pinged all of the URLs. The resulting table will contain the original file's URLs, as well as four additional fields:

1) HTTP code
2) HTTP status
3) Redirect (if applicable): up to 5 successive redirects for any given URL will be pinged, and the last one will be returned
4) Search term existence (if applicable): if a search term has been entered, indicates whether it exists in the returned HTML (if the box above is checked, then the dynamically fired tags will be searched as well)